DustLess Logo 2

DustLess® is an organic fluid specifically engineered for the long term control of extreme dust in all kinds of materials and environments eliminating the need for water. DustLess® is unique and works by penetrating into the individual dust soil particle maintaining an increase in particle weight over the long term. These fine dust particles are now too heavy to be suspended in air.

ArenaKleen Logo 1

ArenaKleen® works the same way as DustLess® but is designed specifically for use in horse arenas and other equine surfaces. It is produced to food grade standards and so is safe for both horse and rider. ArenaKleen® working as an arena conditioner not only eliminates dust but increases stability and surface traction improving both horse safety and performance. Treated surfaces can be raked to provide more cushioning or compacted to increase stability.

DirtGlue Logo 3

DirtGlue Industrial is a water based, heavy duty acrylic polymer emulsion engineered to create hardened pavements and other industrial uses. DirtGlue is non-hazardous and non-toxic allowing use in environmentally sensitive areas. DirtGlue has class leading bond strength, UV stability and water resistance allowing it to perform where others can’t. Ideal for use in creating hard pavement surfaces, soil contamination and extreme stabilisation projects.

EcoHold Logo 2

EcoHold is a water based co-polymer designed to be used for shorter term stabilisation projects. It is an effective yet more economical option for stabilisation projects not requiring the highest levels of performance. EcoHold is ideal for stockpile capping ,land regeneration and other similar projects.

StrongStep Logo 1

StrongStep® is a new generation hoof conditioner that absorbs directly into the hoof wall maintaining ideal moisture levels in all environmental conditions. Containing a specific blend of essential and organic oils it increases hoof wall growth, improves dry and brittle hooves, improves lamina, sole and frog condition as well as assisting with the repair of stone bruises and other hoof problems.