About Us

Clear Air Environmental uses a practical, common sense approach to problem solving yet remaining agile to cope with our ever-changing world. With these characteristics we will be able to deliver both effective and economical solutions for our clients. A client first focus combined with innovation and performance makes us different.

“Our mission is to devise unique solutions to difficult environmental issues using eco-sensitive technologies combined with creative thinking and collaborative partnerships to impact global communities.”

Critical Assessment + creativity + eco-sensitivity + social conscious + performance = Success

Critical Assessment – Is the start of our journey to discover the real issues with detailed analysis to understand all the social implications, environmental effects and financial costs of every situation.

Creativity – The key to every innovative solution is creativity. Inspiration to forge new paths is what we strive for everyday.

Eco-Sensitivity – Is the cornerstone of who we are. Utilising only environmentally safe technologies and methods to improve our world.

Social Conscious – An important part of our business is to operate ethically and responsibly, developing strong partnerships to produce collaborative answers.

Performance – This is the critical measure for any solution. It must not only be eco-sensitive but resolve the issue and be cost effective.

Success – We measure ourselves by the success we help create for others.